Based on siruike Multilayer Pipe, the system is built for safety and reliability, using corrosion-proof components assembly is clean, safe and fast. The smooth inner surface of siruike Pipe prevents deposit accumulation and corrosion, leading up to
Manifold installation
  • Easy planning
  • Simple determination of pressure loss and rating
  • Low pressure losses
  • No connection points underfloor
  • Less fittings required
  • Individual valve connection
30% more flowing than metal pipe. Combining the advantages of plastic and metal, siruike Multilayer Pipe is ideal for all common hot and cold water installations. siruike Pipes and Fittings carry the NSF and DVGW certificate for potable water.
Tee installation
  • Supplying several tappings with one pipe
  • Less pipe required
  • For renovation installation in existing slots
  • Individual valve connections
A whole system with siruike five layers in one pipe do it all
With siruike's five layer composite pipes, we have developed an advanced product that unites the advantages of a metal and plastic pipe and eliminates the disadvantages of both materials at the same time. This offers product advantages that are second to none:
● Form stable-the bends stay in place, making the system quick to install while using fewer fittings.
● Linear expansion rates closer to copper than other pure plastics pipes.
● The aluminium core is absolutely diffusion tight.
FN15 Manifolds
  After launching the FN5C Brass Heating Manifold last year, siruike develops a new series heating manifold--the FN15 Stainless Steel Heating Manifold these days.
  FN15 Stainless Steel manifolds are sold in 1 to 12-branch pairs for easy assembly in the field. Manifold sections are easily connected together, if more circuits are required. Simply thread two sections together with the use of a manifold coupling and tighten. Make sure the gasket is installed prior to assembly.
  Features & Benefits Flexible, modular and singular design system Easy-to-assemble construction Precise flow control and balancing Fittings for both PEX and Multilayer Pipe Control for the dominant heating systems like hydronic floor heating, fan coil heating or baseboard heating No sealant, no Teflon
Tchnical Data:
1. Standard: CJ/T 251-2007, GB/T1220-92
2. Material Mainfold body: 0Cr18Ni9(SUS304) Port connection: HPb59-1 Sealed: EPDM Flowmeter: ABS, Nylon, PC, Stainless
3. Technical data: Applicable medium: hot and cold water, mixture of water and anti-freeze additive Nominal pressure: 1.0MP Applicable medium temperature: 0-85OC Max temperature: 90OC Flow adjust range: 0-5L/min, Kvs=1.10 Main in/outlet size: 1" Sub in/outlet size: 3/4" Sub in/outlet size: 50mm
4. Accessories: Ball valve, Drainage, Drainage (manual air vent)
Test: 1. Air tightness test, under 1.0MPa pressure 2. Mainfold screw torque force test: 125N 3. Static internal pressure test: 1.1MPa, 90OC, 1hour 4. Blasting test: 2.4MPa, 23OC,2min
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